NASCO SAE division aiming to set the highest standards in passenger services.

A dedicated dynamic team with long experience and expertise in the traveling field within all its services serving both travel agents and passengers.

NASCO SAE through all these years has developed an extensive network of synergy partners within the travel industry based on specific task distribution, loyalty and professionalism.

NASCO GSA Division is supporting the travel industry through regular sales meetings and effective troubleshooting.

NASCO SAE has the market leader position, the expertise, and the experience to handle demanding passengers and provides services that only few can afford.

NASCO GSA Division is supporting passengers 365-days a year through our branches and phone or email.

Why NASCO SAE to be your Egypt GSA?

NASCO SAE have a long tradition, reputation and network in major cities.
NASCO SAE team have strong aviation background and expertise.
NASCO SAE have strong bonds in the travel industry.
NASCO SAE have adopted state-of-art technology for daily operations.